Podway at Gorkarneshwor

Podway at Gorkarneshwor

Gokarneshwor is located in the northeast side of Kathmandu. The city has a diverse range of geographic, historical, and religious places as well as the Bagmati holy river.

The podway in Gokarneshwor will extend for 17.2 km as shown on the attached map. The route will have four legs:
✦ Boudha Pipalbot to Sundarjal – 8.6 km
✦ Boudha Pipalbot to Makalbari Micro
Station – 3.8 km
✦ Boudha Pipalbot to Dakshyin Dhoka –
2.5 km
✦ Boudha Pipalbot to Aarubari Chowk –
2.2 km

We designed the podway to carry 500,000 passengers a month or about 6,200,000 passengers a year. Our peak hourly demand will be 20% of our daily demand — or 4,000 an hour. We expect to ship 100 tons of cargo a day on the same route as the passenger line.

Our planning schedule

Although we are still in the planning stage, our preliminary plans are scheduled as follows:
✦ Preliminary planning with detailed mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering. The plans will also provide site plans for the stations, the support posts, the electrical power, and maintenance. Preliminary planning is scheduled between August and February, 2022.
✦ Construction planning includes the logistical support, anchor supports, boarding stations, and podway maintenance.
✦ Construction planning is scheduled between March 2022 and September 2023.
✦ System shakedown and commissioning provides management an opportunity to ensure
that the podway works as planned. The operations staff will train management in all
aspects of the mechanical, electrical, and maintenance of the podway.
✦ Commissioning is scheduled between October 2023 and November 2023.
✦ Full opening is scheduled in December 2023.