The Podway at the Lumbini Sacred Garden

The Podway at the Lumbini Sacred Garden

We have already started the preliminary planning. We will elevate the podways about 15 mete above ground level and offer a view of the temples and grounds that have never been available before. The podways will provide convenient stops at all 25 temples located throughout the Garden. The pods will accommodate 12 passengers in each car. The guide rail will have cars available every six minutes to ensure that visitors can move quickly from place to place without any delay.

Image 1: Site Plan of the Lumbini Sacred Garden

The podway track will cover a distance of 6 km. The boarding stations will be feature architectural designs that reflect the boarding stations. Visitors will enjoy the podway without an entrance fee.


Our planning schedule

Although we are still in the planning stage, our preliminary plans will include detailed mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering. The plans will also provide site plans for the stations, the support posts, the electrical power, and maintenance. Construction planning includes the logistical support, anchor supports, boarding stations, and podway maintenance.

Preliminary planning is scheduled between June and December, 2021.
✦ Construction planning is scheduled between January 2022 and June 2023.
✦ System shakedown and commissioning provides management an opportunity to ensure that
the podway works as planned. The operations staff will train management in all aspects of
the mechanical, electrical, and maintenance of the podway.
✦ Commissioning is scheduled between July 2023 and September 2023.
✦ Full opening will be announced when the senior members of cabinet attend the grand
opening the podway.
✦ Full opening is scheduled in October 2023.